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We specialize in financial planning and wealth management for individuals with substantial wealth and incomes. We serve as your personal financial advocate. We provide comprehensive, objective advice but do not sell insurance or investment products. Our only source of income is paid to us by our clients.

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Our mission is to help our clients develop a comprehensive, integrated approach to managing their financial lives and thereby make the best use of their financial resources. This includes a thorough review of current and projected cash flow.

We are trained to deal with the complex interactions of your financial life. For example: designing tax-efficient investment portfolios, identifying tax reduction strategies, reviewing past tax filings and addressing issues such as the Alternative Minimum Tax, stock options and employee benefits packages.

Maintaining purchasing power over long time periods is the true challenge of retirement planning. Due to the impact of inflation, fixed streams of income gradually lose their value over time. We strive to balance the conflicting goals of sufficient growth to keep pace with inflation versus low portfolio volatility.

In response to the question "how much can we take out of our portfolio each year?" we model the sustainability of various levels of portfolio withdrawals using probability techniques.

Our investment planning and implementation comes only after a detailed review of your overall financial situation. All decisions are guided by an investment policy statement created and mutually agreed upon as a part of our comprehensive planning. Our portfolios consist primarily of no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and individual bonds.

Comprehensive "family office" decision-making relating to all aspects of your family's financial needs. All decisions are guided by an investment policy statement; created and mutually agreed upon as part of our comprehensive planning.

A key element of long-term financial security is the identification and reduction of various risk exposures including personal insurance needs. We work with our clients to identify these risks and recommend qualified insurance professionals.

Anticipated changes in the estate tax system may require a complete review of existing wills and trusts so that they continue to reflect your wishes. In this regard we help coordinate your needs with estate planning attorneys. Charitable bequests and lifetime gifting techniques also may serve as suitable strategic components of a complete estate plan.

One of the most significant financial challenges facing many parents and grandparents is the ever increasing costs of higher education. For many years these costs have escalated at a rate higher than the rate of inflation. Section 529 plans provide a tax-advantaged method of accumulating for college needs. In some circumstances, direct payment of tuition costs by grandparents may provide estate planning advantages as well.